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The Beninese delegation from UAC visiting the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland, 27.4.2023. Senior medical officer, MD, Paula Tiittala with her colleagues hosted the visit and we discussed how we could develop the governmental relationship between Benin and Finland in health policy issues. In the picture Kaisa Haukka, Victorien Dougnon, Kafayath Fabiyi, Esther Deguenon and Boris Legba (from left to right) ready to enter the premises. 

In September 2023 the Finnish partners from Metropolia and University of Helsinki visited Benin to meet with various healthcare educators, eg. the UAC/INMeS (L’Institut National Médico-Sanitaire), Benin’s leading school for nurses and midwives. The visit was hosted by Professor Lisette ODOUNLAMI, Head of INMeS. We had a great opportunity to talk with staff and students about their hopes for developing their education.

We also visited some maternity clinics and hospital wards to discuss the hygiene and other training needs. In a group picture at the Maternity ward at the Centre National Hospitalier-Universitaire Hubert Koutoukou Maga (CNHU) of Cotonou: Sari Haapio, Sylvie Agaï (midwife), Sanna-Mari Manninen, Justin Denakpo (head of the ward), Kaisa Haukka, Susanne Saarinen, Victorien Dougnon, Anu Hintikka and Boris Legba (in the front).

Finnish delegation ready to visit the wards.

In September 2023, Kaisa Haukka and Susanne Saarinen (UH) also visited some villages in southern Benin to talk with respected traditional healers and expectant mothers about their knowledge of infections and their treatment methods.

The Beninese partners organized a workshop to evaluate the existing curricula for different professional groups for their contents related to hygienic practices. Delphi method was utilized to recognize the major gaps in contents and teaching methods and to suggest improved modules to be developed. The workshop was organized 6-11.12.2023 in Grand Popo, Benin. Organizers included Drs. Victorien Dougnon, Boris Legba and Hornel Koudokpon (UAC), Prof. Gomina Moutawakilou (UP) and Dr. Anges Yadouleton (UNSTIM). The event was attended by the Vice-Chancelors of the University of Abomey-Calavi, Prof. Félicien Avlessi, and the Université Nationale des Sciences, Technologies, Ingénierie et Mathématiques (UNSTIM), Prof. Joachim Gbénou. Present were also the Pro-Vice Chancelor in charge of Academia, Prof. Patrick Houessou, and the Pro-Vice Chancelor in charge of Cooperation, Prof .Nelly Kelome, of the University of Abomey-Calavi. Also, the different Heads of Departments in charge of hygiene from the Ministry of Health and the faculties involved in the training of health specialists attended.

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